Thursday, 20 September 2018


This is my question for my groups work

This is my work i did it with Raejae,Victoria and Sione it was all we had to do is to write down the message that is says up in this DMIC question it was fun because we nearly got the message then we had it so we followed the message then we wrote the dots then we coloured it in after that when we saw it clearly we said that this said move ya' body and we were very excited the we got the message and then we just post it in our blog and it was finished and also here is our work we have done for this question.

The race

This week we did our task it was also fun and it was about the zodiac animals and i really liked it this was my best task and it was called The race.

Writing Task

This is my writing task it was fun because we gets to make up our own game then share it to our group that our teacher put us in. I also enjoy this task because i learned that we can make sports with four equipment and i can't make something when it is difficult but it was still fun.

Friday, 14 September 2018

today i was finishing my reading task for this week it was easy to not work with someone so i decided to finish it today and it was fun.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018


This is the question for my Dmic group we had to figure out what was the rule. 

This is what me , kesaia ,kauri and siosua did for the question that is up here. it was very easy to tell the teacher what was our stredigey because it says on the question that we had to draw a table to show us how many coins did the pacman collect so we said the same thing to our teacher so then we draw a table then we wrote number in it after that we were finish and here is our work we did. 

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Animation voice over

This is my writing for this week it was for our animation script.we had to do this so we can finish our animation then we can record our voice over then look at the sentence that we wrote then we will be done after that we can do something else it was also fun.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Point of view

Point of view of the person taking the photo: wow they are good i am gonna take some photos for my blog but i wonder who should come with me oh i know my friends but why are they playing with a shoe that is dirty.

(kolopa) okay let’s take the photo let do it know. (luisa) hurry kolopa take the photo cheeeeeese (troy) oh let me take a photo and kolopa and you will jump (luisa and kolopa) did you take the photo troy (troy) oops sorry i didn’t lets do it again. (kolopa and luisa) okay but let's hurry up eeeeeeeeeee did you take the photo now (troy) yes let’s go inside now.