Monday, 19 March 2018

camp writing

Last week on wednesday year five,six went to camp but some of us didn’t went to camp. So we had to go to room 11,12 We had lots of fun there because we had matua Brendon he was very kind to us we played lots of game we also get to colour in the papers.We had to make up our own name for our team we had to make the best drawing ever our one was could the mean snappers. When we make the best drawing we get a point.The first team with the most point get a box of prize at the end of camp.

We get to play anything but we had to listen to the teacher.We were playing with normal cards,Pokemon cards and on matua brendon’s ipad.matua told us to go outside with the blocks we only had to be in three groups each person in the front had to have only six blocks . They had to have a hula hoop in front of them the person with the block have to try to throw it inside the hula hoop.If they got all of the blocks inside they only get sixty point.But if they only got one block inside the hula hoop then the person’s team only get ten point.When we finish playing that game we went back inside the class and sit down on the mat and listen to the teacher.When the bell rang we ate our lunch then went outside and played around some of us was helping matua brendon to clean the classroom. Then the next day they were lots of boys fighting in the classroom so the teacher had to take some people to the office and misses nua had to always come in our class and stop us doing our work and telling us all about being kind.

last week on Wednesday we did kayaking we had to listen to the teacher

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