Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Aboriginal Art

This is my art for this term. My favourite parts was when we had to do the background we had to finish this art so people can come and look. It was great when we did it. This was my aboriginal art and all my class has done this aboriginal art. I really enjoyed it.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Te Wa Toi Animation

This is my animation for term 4. This term's  inquiry is Te was toi and  that kind of means painting and art. So we did a animation of painting and art . It was so fun I really enjoyed it.
I really like the part when the drawing was in the cave.
What is your Favourite part of art time?

Monday, 3 December 2018


This is my dmic problem for this week. I was working on this with my group and it was a bit hard to figure this out and i enjoyed this dmic task. It was fun.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018


here is my Dmic problem for this week. me and my group was figuring out how many
reading groups are in Miss West and Mrs Moala's reading group. It was a bit hard but
a nice Dmic problem.It was fun.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Multiplication Practice

This is my maths work for this week. It was all about multiplication this was
the best task iv'e ever had for this week term. When i did this task I thought it
was going to be hard but it wasn't. I enjoyed this task.

Friday, 16 November 2018


This is my maths and its is called multiplication art. We were wondering what was the picture but when we finished the code we find out that it was a giant burger. Here is the picture.

Painted Hoe

This was my reading task for this week. It was all about the hoe waka.
A hoe waka are paddles that Maori people use to move there waka.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Keyhole Narrative

Keyhole Narrative
Start writing here:

Once upon a time there was four girls there name is Luisa,Mele,Kesaia and Jasmine. When they walked in school they were walking around the school and they were chatting about fun thing. When they went to the field they saw there other friend and her name is Bella.

When they saw Bella they waved at her then she waved back. After that she came then said hi girls then they said hi back. Then they were walking around again after when they went to the bottom field they saw someone fighting each other then they were thinking if they could jump into the fight but that was not a good idea.

But then they did jump into it after that they keeped on saying bad word that was not aloud in Pt England school. After that we I saw them after that they were still fighting when the bell rang to go back to class the girls apologise because they didn’t wanted something to happen so they said sorry for what i did down on the bottom field.  Then they the other's said it was okay. After a while they were best friends forever like it was before.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018


This is my dmic problem for this week i did this with my group and this was the hardest dmic problem i ever did but i really enjoy its was fun.

Narrative Writing Plan

This is my Narrative writing plan for this week. It is a nice task
because you can make your own story.  I really enjoy this task
i hope there is another task like this.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Samoan Siapo Pattern's

This is my reading task for this week. Its is called the Samoan siapo pattern.
About this reading we have to explained what the pattern represents.
then we make our own 1 then we do the same thing. It was fun.

Friday, 2 November 2018

That Really Stinks Writing.

This was my writing task from yesterday and it is or this week. This writing had a video too.
When we watch the video we had to see who was the character,what was the setting and what was the problem. It was a fun task i hope there is another task like this but a little bit harder.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018


This is my Dmic task for this week. Me and my group was working all together.
This was actually fun because we didn't know the answer but we just never give up.
It was the best Dmic day I ever had. I hope there is another different task like this.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

multiplication task

This is my task from last week. This task is when you can finished before 5 minute.
this was a fun task because i could do it by myself and also i hope there us another
task like this next week.

Addition/ Subtraction

This is my work from last week. We had  to figure out how many
more people was there when the other people went because the
manaiakalani movies was finished. This task was fun. I hope there is another
task like this next week.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Watch the space

this is my reading task for this week.we had to look at the first page
and it have's a picture of Mr J on it when you look at it. It look's
like he emailed us then on the next slide we had to email back to him.
but it is not a real one. you will just have to look at the slide and you
 will know what i am talking about.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

recount task



Last year, when I was 5 years old my mum and her sister came and I was very happy that they came. Because i had nobody
to talk but only my sibling I had to talk with. But I didn’t wanted to talk to them because they were annoying.
When my mum’s sister came inside she and my mum was talking for awhile and I was sitting on the couch smiling.
Then my mum told me to go check on my sibling then I said yes. When I was checking on them they were playing tag
outside of the house.
It was cool because when my mum and her sister finished talking my mum was hungry so she told her sister if we can all
go to get some food for us to eat. And also when she called my sibling’s name they couldn't hear her so I went there to my
sibling and told them to come so we can go and eat then they came and then we hopped in the car and they were talking
about the game that they were playing while my mum was driving.
Then we were there so we hopped of after that my mum said what should we eat then my big sister said KFC and then
my cousin said mcdonald then my big sister said KFC after that my cousin said mcdonald then they were fighting about
which food should we eat.
So then the KFC was closer to us but our car was closer to the mcdonalds so my mum said the KFC because it was way
nicer. So we went inside and we found a seat then my mum was ordering the food.
After that when the order was done my mum got the order then my mum’s sister came inside the KFC then we were eating
and eating then when we finished eating we said thank you to the shop keeper after that we went back home and had a rest
and then my mum’s sister went then we said bye to her.

I felt happy and also I felt good.

Friday, 19 October 2018


this is my reading for this week.It is called idea city this is a really good
book because it is all about city and it is so cool and i like this task.

DMIC problem

this is what me and my group did for our Dmic problem task.It was a really easy 1 to figure out
and it was the best dmic ever.I hope there is another task like this.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Recount Writing


So first it started like this. When it was time to do fia fia on that day. we went home and did something like playing around and outside and anything. Me and my big siblings had to keep on looking at the time so we know when are we going back to school.

To get ready for the fia fia dance to show all of the audience and everybody who is there to see the dance. When I saw people already dancing I was very nervous to dance right in front of everybody so my stomach was rumbling.

Then it was our turn when I went up on the stage I felt very very nervous because people was looking at us and it looked very nervous to me so the song was on after that we were dancing and dancing. When the song was finished we beal down then went of the stage.

I can’t believe my parents saw me like that it felt like i didn’t even know why are we up on the stage for on the first time i was doing fia fia but it was really cool because we were showing all the audience our dance and it was really cool and all the family that was there was supporting the us and that was really good.

When it was the other group’s turn to show there dance they were very brave so they got ready then the song was on. So they did their own dance that there teacher teached them. After that it was the other group’s turn then the other then the other then it was time for the lucky last and it was the samoan group to go up.

It was the very coolest dance ever and i really wanted to be in that group but to late i couldn't then they were doing there dance and they keeped on dancing until there dance are finished then it was done then everybody went back after that they went back to there class they were practicing after that it was time for us to go back home and it was cool.

This day was the coolest day ever to end the day and also there was the coolest dance ever.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Assembly task.

This is my writing for this week. it is about the assembly from yesterday and it was a very cool task today.I hope there is another task like this.

subtraction task.

this is my maths work for this week. It was a cool 1 because me and my
friend finished this task 1 day and it was actually fun i hope there is another
task like this so we can do.

Addition task week 1 term 4

This is my maths work for this was very fun because they were 3 slides and it was easy.
I hope there is another task like this so we can finish it off.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Subtraction Task.

this is my maths work from yesterday.It was a fun task because
we get to learn more things and also we can teach other people.
i hope we learn more thing about this. It was fun.

Minion Dmic

This is my groups question Dmic problem for this week.
This is the picture that i did for this question.we had to draw the follow the message and write the dots into the for colours and the colour is yellow,black,grey and blue the message was a minion and i did the picture for this so we can do something fun this message was hard to find out but when we finished the picture we saw closely and it was a minion here is the picture.

Addition task

This is my maths task it was so easy because it is addition witch is plus.
i enjoyed this because had more time to work on this and i just finished
it today witch is good and it was so fun .

Monday, 24 September 2018

vocabulary task

This is my reading task it was called moon-soon flood and it was all about maung he is a little boy that was lost and it was a fun task and also it was a very good task that iv'e ever had.

Thursday, 20 September 2018


This is my question for my groups work

This is my work i did it with Raejae,Victoria and Sione it was all we had to do is to write down the message that is says up in this DMIC question it was fun because we nearly got the message then we had it so we followed the message then we wrote the dots then we coloured it in after that when we saw it clearly we said that this said move ya' body and we were very excited the we got the message and then we just post it in our blog and it was finished and also here is our work we have done for this question.

The race

This week we did our task it was also fun and it was about the zodiac animals and i really liked it this was my best task and it was called The race.

Writing Task

This is my writing task it was fun because we gets to make up our own game then share it to our group that our teacher put us in. I also enjoy this task because i learned that we can make sports with four equipment and i can't make something when it is difficult but it was still fun.

Friday, 14 September 2018

today i was finishing my reading task for this week it was easy to not work with someone so i decided to finish it today and it was fun.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018


This is the question for my Dmic group we had to figure out what was the rule. 

This is what me , kesaia ,kauri and siosua did for the question that is up here. it was very easy to tell the teacher what was our stredigey because it says on the question that we had to draw a table to show us how many coins did the pacman collect so we said the same thing to our teacher so then we draw a table then we wrote number in it after that we were finish and here is our work we did. 

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Animation voice over

This is my writing for this week it was for our animation script.we had to do this so we can finish our animation then we can record our voice over then look at the sentence that we wrote then we will be done after that we can do something else it was also fun.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Point of view

Point of view of the person taking the photo: wow they are good i am gonna take some photos for my blog but i wonder who should come with me oh i know my friends but why are they playing with a shoe that is dirty.

(kolopa) okay let’s take the photo let do it know. (luisa) hurry kolopa take the photo cheeeeeese (troy) oh let me take a photo and kolopa and you will jump (luisa and kolopa) did you take the photo troy (troy) oops sorry i didn’t lets do it again. (kolopa and luisa) okay but let's hurry up eeeeeeeeeee did you take the photo now (troy) yes let’s go inside now.

Monday, 3 September 2018


Today i was with a DMIC group.We were looking at this Dmic book it had a table time in it .It was fun.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

KiriKiti Task

This is my reading task we were talking about kirikiti in the story it was a word from Samoan language it was hard to do this so i went to my friend then ask her for help so we help each other then we were finish at the same time.

What is that crazy person doing there? It looks like she is coming to scare all of my lambs? I should get my friends so we can scare her and she will run away then we will be all safe? Why is she taking a picture of me get away out of my lamb tall girl?

Today i was doing my sheep point of view it was the same as the dictation task it was fun i was very excited to do this task.

Dictation Task

 Today i was doing my dictation task it was fun these sentence that is up here is the word that my teacher told us to right but we listened it in a video and it was so easy all we had to do is we had to heir the recording sentence that Miss West did and then we write those sentence in our dictation task.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

This is my DMIC i was working with my group there name's are Madi and RaeJae it was fun. 

Tuesday, 28 August 2018


Yesterday i was with a group for DMIC. It was fun
we had to stay together in our group i think we did the best.

Rolling Dice

Today i was finishing my maths it was fun i wish there was another task like this.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Cybersmart message#

Today i was working on my Cyber smart message it was actually fun and we had to write in this box about messaging to 1 of our teacher it was fun.


This week my whole class was on a Quiz. It was really fun and i like it. We had to try to get all of the answer right i also hope that we will learn about more fun quiz like this task. 

Beep Test task

Yesterday i was working on my maths. It was a little bit hard and it was also fun.

Flitting with Fractions

To day i was working on my maths it was hard to figure it out.
But then i was with a friend and me and her was working together
then it was easy. It was fun.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Team 4 Animation Task

last week i was finishing of my animation plan.
it was a fun activity to do and i really like it.
it was fun I hope we learn about more things that the same like this work.

Mossie task

today i was doing my reading it was fun.

Reading task

last last week i was doing my reading it was so easy.
It was also fun we had to write down the word that
was on my groups reading text.

Reading Task 1

on a rainy day i was finishing of my reading.
It was fun and it was quit easy.

Hauora writing

 last week i was doing my hauora writing we had to here this video that my teacher record it last night and we had to right it down on this picture and it was very easy to do this work. it was fun.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

DMIC Problem

Yesterday i was with a DMIC group. we were doing a DMIC problem about the 4 bins. It was so fun.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Peephole Narrative

Peephole Narrative

Start writing here:

Once upon a time there was five student from pt England school when they were walking in the breeze they saw three dogs that was barking at them they were very scared so they ran away and the teacher’s were staring at them and they were like why are they running for and the five student were  still running because the dog was going to bite them.

So they ran in the breeze,netball caught, park , grasses , office and classroom then the teacher was like they you are and the other teacher said why were yous gize running for then the dog came in the the classroom screamed so the teacher’s had an idea so they called someone to take it and make the dog be good and also make be like a police dog.

Narrative Writing plan

Today my class had a new writing this week it was fun.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Number knowledge practice

last week i was doing a maths task. I hope we learn about more things like this

Going the Distance

today i was a doing a new maths that i didn't know it was actually fun and it was quit easy.

Hauora task

last week we were doing our reading task about moon flood we had to write about them and write about us. This was a fun activity. I hope we do a hard reading.