Friday, 8 September 2017

My letter

Dear Penpal,

You are the best penpal ever. I like Pt England School because it the best school ever but sometime we don’t be kind to each others that much but we only be kind a little bit.
IS your school kind to each others?

My family is a bit kind to me and I don’t be kind to them but sometimes my mum always be kind to me.My families name is Tone,Noah,Maggie,Emma,lose,Palenapa,Ana and Finau. They are all my families name but there are the best family ever and your family too.
Does your family be kind to you?

I had a pet. It was a dog it was a bit big and it runs fast but know my dog was lost. Because when my friends the next door neighbor went school my dog followed them. Then my friends finished school then my dog didn’t came back and we were trying to find her.
Do you have a pet?

I also had three other friends there name is Rangimaria,Kesaia and Mariko they are so kind to me and I always play with them at the park. But sometimes I play with my sisters but sometimes my sister always bring there friends too.
Do you have friends?We also learned about how to make clocks and we were also learning about the trip to stardom.What did you learn?
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